Athletic Performance Personal Training

Athletic Performance Personal Training is ideal for seasoned athletes, off-season training, and for children or adults who are looking to enter into a sport for the very first time.

Our Personal Trainers incorporate speed agility quickness (SRQ) drills, plyometrics, strength & conditioning, and more to increase clients’ workout to improve their core elements of elite performance; Speed, Strength and Power. We offer 1-on-1 Athletic Performance Personal Training for Athletes of all ages, from 6 years old and up. We have Certified Youth Fitness Instructors on staff who specialize in Kid’s Sports Development and Kids Martial Arts.  We have several different packages available, including 1-Hour and 30 Minute Sessions and Small Group Training for sports teams or siblings. Athletic Performance Training Clients, both children and adults, Receive 25% Off their Monthly Gym Membership. This allows clients to take classes at a discounted rate and get even further in their training goals.   

Types of Personal Training we offer