Self Defense Personal Training

Learning self defense is the only sure way to be confident in your ability to defend yourself and your loved ones in a dangerous situation.

Our Self Defense Personal Training will help you learn various different forms of martial arts and defensive tactics to give you the self confidence. The Self Defense Programs are run by Black Belt – Level 6 Tactical Instructors with 36 years of experience, some-of-which are World Karate Champions for the USA, including the WAKO Championship in Germany. Our Self Defense Trainers are proficient in multiple martial arts, weapons disarmament, hostage situations, home invasions, and single/multiple shooter situations.

If you are interested in getting more in depth into weapons usage and disarmament, we also offer Pekiti-Tirsia Kali Knife Fighting Personal Training. This type of training is for military, contractors, and civilians alike to use for personal protection and close quarter combatives. Self Defense Personal Training is offered for individuals and small groups, including workplace staff or entire families. Our coaches can tailor their personal training program to suit your specific self defense needs. All personal training clients receive 25% off their Fitness or MMA gym membership.

Types of Personal Training we offer