Fitness Program

As humans we are not meant to be glued to office chairs starring into computer screens, caged in glass buildings, or eating food wrapped in plastic. So we created the Fitness Program to combat that lifestyle!

Our goal at CPF is to help you break free of the trappings of the office cubicle, the stresses of home, and everyday life. Lean out, bulk up, or just have fun in the 20 fitness classes we offer a week. Train at Combat Performance & Fitness and fire up your metabolism to burn fat all day with our Martial Arts HIIT classes, get functionally strong in our Strength Training course, or grind it out in our cross training room with sleds, tires, and battle ropes. Our Fitness Membership also includes 3 Yoga classes a week designed to improve flexibility and provide relaxation at the end of a hard week of training. Take advantage of our diet coaching, body composition tracking, and exercise and health related events. Come out to Combat Performance & Fitness, fight, live fit, be human.

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